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You all must have been wondering what does “Chukwuemekalum” mean? Well before I explain, let me give a little history of how my name came to be.

How Chukwuemekalum Came to Stay

I’m not really that sure, but I think in my birth and baptism certificate, and all my documents of my birth, my name was written as CHUKWUEMEKA (most cases Emeka) and not CHUKWUEMEKALUM.
My mom calls me Chukwuemekalum, so its like, the name she gave me. My adoption of Chukwuemekalum to my grownup documents was my choice. I think I started it in my JSS3, I started writing it in my books at my secondary school. People called me by my surname in secondary school, so it didn’t really matter what I wrote.
Wait…. I just remembered. I was alternating, Chukwuemekalum and Chukwuemeka in my names in secondary school right from JSS1. But more of Chukwuemeka. I remember my English Teacher (Mrs Iloh) then was the only woman asides my mom that called my Chukwuemekalum. So asides secondary school people call me Emeka, I don’t mind, its my name. I just write Chukwuemekalum for documentation and the personal meaning to me.


I’ve decided to create a post of the meaning of my names. As most of you all know, I am a Nigerian and an Igbo too.
So my name is kinda broken into various parts in the Igbo interpretation. I am going to try my best and break into parts by parts.

CHUKWUEMEKALUM goes like this to be understood.

What Does Chukwu Mean?

Chukwu in Igbo means “God”.
I realized I didn’t create the pronunciation of Chukwu when I was doing the voice recording. But let me analyze it further here.
If you are to pronounce Chukwu it goes like this Chuu - ku
I am not sure if I am correct, but that’s how it sounds in my mouth.

Chukwu is in Igbo can also mean Chi
Chi also means God.

What Does Emeka Mean?

Emeka is one of those names in Igbo that you hardly see as standalone names.
It needs a supporting word or so.
But if we are to say, Emeka means “Too Much”
How to Pronounce Emeka

What Does Emekalum Mean?

‘Lum’ doesn’t have a meaning on its own. It must go with a particular word in order to make a meaning. Emekalum in Igbo means “Done me well”
The same thing here, I didn’t do a single pronunciation of this when recording.
If you are to pronounce, it goes like this E - me - ka - lum

What Does Chukwuemeka Mean?

Chukwuemeka means “God has done”
How to Pronounce Chukwuemeka

What Does Chukwuemekalum Mean?

If you tried guessing without reading, then you are probably correct.
Chukwuemekalum means “God has done me well”
Pretty crazy right? Because Chukwu means ‘God’ and Emekalum means ‘Done me well’ so literally speaking its meant to be God Done Me Well.
That’s the interesting this about Igbo language…
How to Pronounce Chukwuemekalum

What Does Daniel Mean?

Daniel is a Biblical name, and at times when parents give children Biblical names, it’s a way of introducing the blessings of those people onto your childs life or the character of those people.
So it’s left for me to choose what Daniel means to me in whenever situation I find myself.

What Does Chiemelu Mean?

Chiemelu is my surname and also an Igbo word.
Chiemelu is broken down into CHI - EMELU.
How to Pronounce Chiemelu

Chi means ‘God’ and Emelu (One of those Igbo words that doesn’t go like that at times) means ‘Do, or done much’.
I’m not really sure, maybe I need to consult my great-grandfather for the meaning of that. Chiemelu means “God has done”


My name is a funny one. Chukwuemekalum means God has done me well, whilst Chiemelu means God has done. Everything in my life is all about God’s doings in my life and I love it.

Well, Chukwuemekalum, Chukwuemeka, Emeka, they are all my names. I preferred being called Emeka for short. Chukwuemekalum just goes for my mom, documents, and those that my brain accepts to call me that.

If you want to listen to how my names are pronounced, click here

A little pronunciation here

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