Hi! 👋

I am a Software Developer in New GRA, Enugu based in Nigeria! I am often seen in some online platforms as Daniel Chiemelu or Chukwuemekalum or CEO ENlitenThem as my sister often calls me :), all still remains my alias. Though for sake of proper introduction, my name is Chukwuemekalum Daniel Chiemelu. I am operating as a freelancer, with few entitlements in different cooperatives and businesses. I currently provide contract, freelance and project-based web services. I love to observe, research, think, and solve problems and output great work. I also love music and anime too.

There is no actual aim or what I would want to achieve with this website. But I would just summarize everything I like and offer and dump it here. Probably like a journal? I do not know, but I suppose it would have mixture of various things:- software development, anime, music, and some part of me too. I don’t really like writing about myself to the public, but I doubt my website would get noticed by people I know in real life. So I might as well help myself here ;).

My Education

I was in Arts in my Secondary School (Highschool) at Federal Government College Enugu (FGCE) (2013-2019), from there I did 100 level in Combined Arts (History and International Studies Department and Archeology Department) at University of Nigeria, Nsukka Campus (2019-2020) and currently in 300 level in Law Department at the same University but Enugu Campus (2020-date)

My Coding

I don’t have any degree in Engineering as all my studies so far has been in the Arts side not sciences. Maybe in the future when I consider taking a course in a popular online or physical institution, I would have more details to put. But for now I am self taught, and it would be difficult for me to write my tech stack here and what I’ve done so far. Please refer to my CV. But in summary I’m a PHP fan boy.

Some details that would not be added in the CV for now. After 4 years of working with Core PHP, Michael Sorensen inspired me to learn Laravel Framework (21/03/2022) and gave me a course. I am currently not using it, but it was a fun experience during the course, look forward to praciticing it more.

I am also learning C++ now, when I’ve advanced to some stage, I would put it down here. But for now, it’s not part of my working tools, although from the looks of things, I may find myself using it sooner or later, in my PHP applications.

My Musicals

I love playing musical instruments. Like:
i. Piano ii. Organ iii. Keyboard
I play those on various instances, like in church hymnals, praises in church, anime themes.

Chukwuemekalum D. Chiemelu

iv. Violin (Still learning phase)
v. Drums (I just make some noise 😂)
I hope to learn some more in the future. But for now, my driving passion to restart my violin journey was the need to play my anime tunes for my future partner :) and I really wanted to go back to violin again.

My Anime

The intro could have not been complete if I didn’t write about anime 😄😂
If not for anything, my banner image is Sword Art Online’s landscape image.
My top three animes are:

  • Dragon Ball
  • Sword Art Online
  • One Piece

I have been working on different personal coding projects that would make my anime passion more exciting.

My Religion

I’m a Christian. I love God. My favorite scriptures are:
Romans 8:18
Ephesians 2:10
Jeremiah 29:11


Thank you for making it to the end….. Domo Arigato Gozaimas 🙇‍♀️. I guessed I probably wrote too much than I expected; well…..
I was born October 8, currently years old. I owe God my everything 🙏.
That’s technically a brief summary of me.
I’m not popular, but if you are probably having issues with some of my social media links, here is a detailed page link to some extent of where I am.