Learning Laravel

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I never believed that I would ever write a blog post concerning Laravel. As you all know, I am a PHP fan boy, and I’ve been a core PHP developer fan since 2018, so I never liked the idea of working with frameworks. Don’t get me wrong, frameworks are nice, they make the work faster and if used well, you are sure of the extra perks that comes with frameworks that you wouldn’t write yourself.

At the beginning of my career with PHP, at some point I tried installing lots of frameworks - Laravel, Codeigniter and CakePHP (my sister and I still uses this as a joke because of the name 😀). I basically just installed them, but got lost and never tried them again.

Fast-forward to March 2022, I happened to meet Michael (a PHP freak too for more than two decades) in a very weird way, and he encouraged me to learn Laravel. He got a course for me on Laracast, and it took me time to finish the course, but I did. I did not use Laravel since 2022.


Come May 2023, I and Michael met again (Virtually)… Well, I’ve been in touch with him, but what I meant was that we decided to try a journey on Laravel again. For some reasons, he is interested in my growth, and he encouraged me to pick up laravel again. What brought this second reunion was that, I had a project that required some huge modifications, so he was like.. Lets rewrite this entire codebase in Laravel, and we were working on the project. Although certain circumstances made the project not to be completed, and it ended in June.

I got busy with school and other things, but September, I told myself, its time to learn Laravel well, since Michael has pointed out its importance to me. So, here I am.

I guess its, “Third time the Charm :) “

I have never completed a course, but I believe and hope that I would learn to some extent, if time permits me.

Goodluck to me!!

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