Adivce About Suicide

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So, funny enough the way this post came to being was when I finished episode 10 of an anime called Babylon. The anime was messed up, but still sweet. Due to school and other things I’ve not gotten the time to be writing on my blog which pains me because I wanted to be doing my review.

When I finished writing the comment, I now thought… What if I just copy everything from what I wrote and paste here. Its really a good advice, don’t I think..?

That’s how the post came into being. I didn’t make modifications to what I typed.


Suicide is bad, and it shouldn’t be encouraged. Dying for your loved one? How stupid.. Live on till your strength fails you and die naturally. Than altering your life span by dying.

When I hear someone committed suicide, it pains me. I know life is tough and things are hard, but it isn’t worth it.

There are various reasons I can type out, and even if there are no reasons, don’t do it.

  1. If it’s my country where I come from, my village or hometown. If one dies, his family or if no family, his friends would bury him. So if you commit suicide, did you prepare finances for those that are alive to prepare a funeral for you?

  2. Did you think about how your loved ones would feel?

  3. Even if you didn’t have a loved one, why die?

I mean, because of the way I grew up and things around me, I don’t feel like I’m needed. I take permission before I take things in my family house as though I am not entitled to it (my mom wonders why). I am the type that you can hardly feel my presence around people. People wouldn’t care about my existence except when they want something to gain from me. I try to be there for the close few around me, but its hardly the reverse. If I continue typing, the depression would peak..

But in all these, I derive happiness my own way in my little shell and I take pride in it. Anime have and is still saving me till date. Suicide is never an option, and it hasn’t come to my mind at all.

At times I jokingly tell myself, those that commit suicide, how do you reason? Life is unfair, you may want to commit suicide and end up as a vegetable**

Imagine trying to jump off a building in order to die, and you don’t. Rather you end up with broken spinal cord, and become useless.

You drink poison and you end up not dying but rather your body becomes incapacitated.

You try shooting yourself or stabbing yourself, and you end up missing your vitals by a thread, but then you don’t bleed to death and end up with a fatal injury that renders you useless.

Who would take care of your bills? Who would feed you? Why subject your loved ones, your friend or a random person to mental pains, finances, and the physical stress of taking care of you?

You might not be lucky in committing suicide. So don’t

Yes, I believe things would turn out well for you. Even if it doesn’t, cry on your pillow, drown it with your tears. Look for something to make you happy. You can find a partner and lean on (I’m still looking for happiness from that special she). Find a sports. Look at the stars in the midnight for an hour, it helps.

Talk to the wind. Whatever that it says to the wind goes away with the wind. It may help. Watch anime.. Talk to that your best friend. For an introvert like me that has only one person I can call a friend / best friend, I always look forward to our lengthy calls. Its just like two depressed people talking, but we take our depressions and turn to joke. It lightens the mind for a while and gives mental boost. Talk to your Creator about your problems. Take yourself out.. Don’t wait for that he or she to come. For those in academics (I’m currently in college), it doesn’t hurt to fail a course. I failed a course, cried over it, and guess what? I’ve rewritten the course. Life continues. Academics is not a do or die affair. I’ve told myself if academics decides to be that much of a burden to me, I’ll drop it.

In my country Nigeria, we have pidgin language, “Na who dey alive dey go school or write exam” Meaning “Its only one that is alive that goes to school or writes exam”

The same applies to all spheres of live. Don’t be too depressed about things. The moment you die, your replacement has come, and your tributes would be done. Thats all…

Suicide can be direct and indirect. The moment you allow that your work place, school, vice versa to stress you continuously that you are falling sick every time, burdening yourself with what could go wrong if you aren’t there, amongst various things, without knowing when to stop, take a step back, or have breaks. You are committing suicide, and one day, your body may fail. And what people would say, if he or she knew he could have quit the job, now who would take care of his family.

I realized I forgot to add this few things as remedies to avoiding suicide:

  1. Take a break
  2. Read books
  3. Play, play, play and play. Have fun
  4. Spend time with your family and those dear to you.

Life moves on, its you that determines when you take a break, else you would break.

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