Learning the C++ Programming Language

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Finally, I start my journey into the C++ Programming Language


I am soo excited in this my quest to know the C++ language. Currently, I haven’t written my language stack on this my blog. I’ll write it later and update my post then, but for now my stacks are: PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

So the question most people would be asking is why C++?

Why C++?

Giving it a throwback, it was a really long language war that lasted for a year and half. I’ve always loved everything about the web. So considering my love for the web; I could have just continued with my exising stack, with emphasis to much of client side code (Javascript).

I write really good PHP; technically, I am a PHP fanboy. But then I really wanted a language asides PHP.
My choices then were:
C# (ASP.net), Golang, Java (JSP) and Ruby (Ruby on Rails)
From my list above, one can guess that I was really heading for a language that I would use for server side development. Asides Golang, others written here are frameworks of their respective languages.

I was going through YouTube videos, reading articles, comparing these four languages; it was a really tough battle. Along the line, I eliminated Java and Ruby, and my focus was now on the Tech Giants languages (C# and Go) with favouritism going to C# due to Microsoft. The language war was halted from October 2021 to sometime April 2022; I probably got busy with school or other things, but it was a pause.
I think I remember the reason, I came to love PHP more. I am not working in a firm or company that would dictate my tech stack in some cases.
I was seeing more usefulness in PHP, and I decided to improve on PHP more than look for other subsidiaries.

After the pause, the remaining two languages where eliminated, and a new one came along: C++. I always knew that C and C++ are both known for their speed.
Before you think I went for C++ because of its speed, yes, it was a factor. Back to track, it was a real war between both languages. I had nothing in mind, that I wanted to achieve with those languages, but considering their benefits and popularity.

I was still deliberating on both of them, then I stumbled onto a web api written with Rust and I discovered Rust.
I did research on Rust and figured out that it is said that Rust is also in the speed category. Seeing the api that was written in Rust, brought confusion to my head.

Okay, this is getting longer than expected. I realized that I had issues with Data Structures and Algorithms (DS and Algos) in PHP, my goal was to overcome that hurdle. So now I was left with two choices

  • Find a crash course online and watch on DS and Algos
  • Learn a new language, and find one that has DS and Algos in it too

I went online and saw courses on DS and Algos in C and C++. Then I figured out C is not an Object Oriented Language (OOP), why C++ is. I deal mostly with OOP in PHP, so why not C++ for me. So C++ won the battle


I do not know what I would want to achieve or create using C++ asides learning DS and Algos. But for reasons known and unknown to me, I am getting all excited about the journey I am venturing into. Probably because I feel C/C++ are languages people ignore (I am speaking based on eye view) due to lack of jobs, its difficulties in learning scopes, lack of projects to build. It doesn’t matter really to me.

I don’t really know how long it would take me to finish my course, but in years to come, I’ll be writing C++ codes.
FYI: I may still venture into those language stacks I wrote above, in the nearest future out of curiosity probably :)

Hello World in C++ <..>

#include <iostream>

int main() {
    std::cout << "Hello World" << std::endl;
    return 0;

Haaa!!! I’ll soon join the Big Boys there, and finally give up on hacking NASA with HTML ‘-‘

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