Asobi Asobase Anime Review

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This is not a review on Asobi Asobase; just a summary or whatever


Asobi Asobase is a Summer 2018 anime; and the setting of the anime is school. Asobi Asobase is the feminine version or rip-off 😂 of Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou (Daily Lives of High School Boys). Okay before I continue, I need to clap for myself for actually remembering the Japanese name of High School Boys. If you actually watched the anime, there’s no way you wouldn’t remember the Japanese name. It was always said at the middle of each episode in the anime.

The only difference in the setting of High School Boys and Asobi Asobase was that in High School Boys they were highschoolers, while in Asobi Asobase, they were middle-schoolers. Asides that Asobi Asobase was really a great anime to watch. Although I must confess, although it was a 12 episode anime, I can’t believe it took me 3 days to finish the anime.


Episode 1

I really said this is not a review, and here I am calling this chapter a review 😭😅.

Olivia slaps Hanako Olivia slaps Hanako

Olivia slaps Kasumi Boobs Olivia slaps Kasumi’s Oppai

Olivia the transfer self-proclaimed foreign student comes into the school. Come to think about it I don’t remember the name of the school, was it mentioned? Whatever. So Olivia made friends with jovial Hanako, although looking further in the future episodes, it was shown that Olivia was actually imposed on Hanako 😂. Olivia plays Janken with Hanako and ends up slapping her. She ends on playing the game with Kasumi and slaps Kasumi’s Oppai.

Kasumis revenge on Olivia Kasumis revenge on Olivia

This place was super unexpected. Kasumi was the quiet girl that was unfortunately brought into this battle and Kasumi definitely couldn’t take Olivias slap peacefully. Kasumi is not a preacher of peace, she brought violence and reciprocated the gesture back to Olivia.

Revenge Plot

Hanakos Practice Revenge Olivia exposes her secret: Hanakos Practice Revenge

Although I was proven wrong along the line, my first impression in this scene was that Hanako was practicing how to slap Olivia immediately after discovering Olivia could understand Japanese all along.
What Happened?: Olivia has been hiding under the impression that she’s a foreign student and haves a hard time understanding Japanese. Olivias parents are actually foreigners, but Olivia grew up in a Japanese environment. So definitely, she could understand Japanese 100%. But in the beginning of the anime, Olivia slaps Hanako under the impression that because she couldn’t understand Japanese, she didn’t understand the rules of the game.
So one can see where my analogy came to. But instead, Olivia was practicing for tennis.

Aozara Arc: Kasumis Weirdness

Kasumis Weirdness Kasumi, ecchi-san 😂

Hanako Supportive Friend We all need supportive friends; emphasis on Hanako

Kasumis Embarrassment I am in support of you Kasumi

Kasumi gets all weird, following the Hallway kiss from Aozara

Mafia Baby Arc

Pastimers Club Advisors friend brought her child, and suddenly the child happens to land in the pastimers care. We all know that trouble awaits.

Mafia Baby I can’t believe I called this chapter Mafia Baby Arc 😂😂😭😭

Hanako Being Hanako Just a normal day being Hanako

Mafia Baby Loves Boob Kasumi Babies Loves Breast (But not like Mafia Baby): Mafia Baby Loves Oppai Kasumi

Mafia Baby Detests Flat Hanako I guess flat is premium doesn’t work on Mafia Baby

Mafia Baby Loves Boob Kasumi Babies Loves Breast (But not like Mafia Baby): Mafia Baby Loves Oppai Kasumi

Olivia has boobs, but there's something wrong [Olivia has boobs, but there’s something wrong

Olivias spiciness Olivias spiciness; watch the anime to figure it out

Take your Mafia Baby; Ma

Kasumi Shexy Nothing here, keep scrolling

Game Arc

Hanako being given a headshot Not gonna lie; I literally spilled my water here. This was unexpected. Their happiness when they were about to play the game, I never expected a headshot immediately. Those cute little teddies, got real headshot. That was very waku waku

Kasumi being given a headshot Kasumi given a headshot immediately after Hanako

Hanako being given a headshot; Round 2 Hanako being given a headshot; Round 2

Hanako got triggered by the enemys team and played the game again right after their first loss. And of course, she received a brilliant headshot the second round. You wouldn’t guess who the enemy was.


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